What to expect

What to Expect from a Session

Before your first session, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire to clarify your previous and current health and well being. During the first session, we will discuss your personal objectives and aspirations for your health, well being and engagement with the world. I will look at your feet to understand more about how you may experience your body and life.

After this discussion, we will start to work with using touch, breathing exercises, verbal instructions and description to teach you the tools to achieve your goal.  You will develop skills in attentiveness, breathing, contraction, resisting and letting go.

In most cases, and certainly in the early sessions, you will lie on a massage table and I will work on different areas of your body.  Later, once your body attention has developed, we may work with you sitting in a chair or standing.  When working on the table, it is recommended that you remove relevant clothing, as you would when working with a physiotherapist or massage therapist.  This will allow me to work effectively and you to move freely in response to the work and to experience your body and its sensations from the inside out.  If you prefer, you can bring a pair of shorts and top to wear, or remain fully clothed; if you take this option, please bring or wear loose clothing so that you can experience your body in an unencumbered way.  I work in practice rooms which are well heated to create a comfortable space in which to do the bodywork.   To prevent discomfort as a result of any digestive activity, please don’t eat anything substantial in the two hours before your session.

After a Session

After a session, your body may respond with a variety of sensations. We call this ‘letting the body do its work’.   Each person responds in a unique way, according to what their body needs and the way their body works.  You should pay attention to your body and note the different sensations that arise in the days after your session and share these with me at the start of your next session, as these indicate how your body is responding to the work.  This will include routine body activities such as sleeping, appetite, and digestion, frequency of bowel movement and urinating, levels of tiredness or vitality, in addition to the specific condition and situation that you have agreed to focus on.

How Long Does it Take

An effect is often experienced after the first session, although a single session won’t always resolve problems that have been developing over a considerable period of time.  Complete or considerable improvement is expected after four to eight sessions for conditions present for a short time; well-established conditions will require further sessions.