Earth water fire and air

In the Grinberg Method, we work with a framework of the four elements: earth, water, fire and air.  We look for these elements on the feet, to see how an individual may be balanced across these, or need more balance.  Feet tell so much!  They tell us how a person carries their body through life. In a foot, we can see a person’s potential and how this potential is lived in practice.

Four elements image

Earth is about basic trust, security, basic needs, structure and resources and it’s carried in our bones, in our skeleton.  Sometimes we see earth has invaded another element, and is taking up space in that area, for example in the air element, which governs thinking.  This means someone will have a rigid way of thinking. Or that earth is invaded by another element, such as water, which brings doubt, or fire, which brings extra tension and activity and the inability to rest.

Water is feeling, the capacity to experience and digest, whether at a physical level in terms of food, or at the level of life experience.  Many people experience difficulties here – either everything flows too fast and can’t be digested, or it gets stuck and can’t be let go of. And water can invade other areas, muddying thinking or bringing anxiety to activity.

Fire is our capacity for doing and relating. Many of us have an over-active fire element, doing too much and doing it the hard way.  It leads to burn out.

And air is thinking, the capacity for genuine thinking – creative ideas, organising, planning. Not the endless preoccupation with stuff that passes for mental activity in so many of us.  Air is light, spacious, quick.

When our elements are in balance, we can be grounded and confident in who we are, take in our experience and let go that which isn’t useful, experience our emotions and let them flow through us, act in the world freely and with play, and use our thinking capacity to help us sort out what we need to do and when and how to move us in line with our needs, desires and purpose.

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