Who can benefit from the Grinberg Method

You may benefit from a series of Grinberg Method® sessions if you:

Have physical aches and pains that don’t get any better

Find yourself over and again in similar situations that don’t bring you what you want

I can help in the following areas:

  • Well-being: increase relaxation and the capacity to rest, reduce muscular tension, balance emotions, revitalise energy, and improve sleep.
  • Common Ailments: muscular and joint pain, digestive and skin disorders, breathing difficulties, hormonal imbalances, urinary infections, PMS, menopause.
  • Work or Study: concentration, stress management, energy levels.
  • Sport: tension, relaxation, concentration, and muscle tone.
  • Moods and habits that no longer serve you: frustration, disappointment, blaming others, excessive anger, nervous anxiety, fear of doing new things – all of these have their roots in patterns held in your body, learnt as a child and now happening out of your awareness, and leading you to repeat the same situations again and again. Working together, you will learn to stop these and experience situations as they are and respond to them as you choose.

The Grinberg Method® works with the understanding that all of life happens through our bodies. Whatever we experience, we experience in our bodies. Our mind is a part of our body.  So in order for any change to happen, whether for a physical pain to heal or for an old behavioural pattern or a mood that comes and haunts you to be let go, change needs to happen in the body.

I will teach you to pay greater attention to your body from the inside out, and to learn how you are currently holding your body, and then how to let it go.   Letting go of old patterns of tension and collapse in different parts of the body requires high levels of concentration and the capacity to breathe deeply into the forgotten areas, in order to let blocked energy flow again, so initial sessions will focus here.   As you learn to pay attention to your body and to expand your breathing capacity, sessions will focus  on becoming aware of the automatic patterns in your body that are limiting you, stopping these and allowing yourself to regain freedom and choice.

This work is explicitly not a treatment, but a learning process in which I guide your learning about your automatic patterns and help you find greater physical and personal flexibility and freedom.