Alison Sayers


I’ve discovered relatively late in life that the body influences everything we experience: how we feel about ourselves and others, how we perceive and think, our ability to feel grounded, be confident, have clarity and engage our energy to accomplish what we want, our interactions with the world.  Now that I have gained this understanding, I am keen to share it with others. This means learning to be a body. We are born as bodies, and then socialised and educated through our early experiences to separate our mind and body and we suffer as a result. So coming home to the body seems to me to be most important!

My personal experience of the Grinberg Method led me to want to bring this work to others.   As my practitioner partnered with me, I started to feel my body from the inside out for the first time, rather than from a map I was carrying around in my head.  Then came the changes in my overall mood and demeanour: the life-long anxiety  lifted, the endless busyness in my head came to a stop and I started to experience space and silence and to allow myself to feel more fully in my chest and belly.  I stopped over-using my mind to try to solve everything and learnt to allow space for my feelings.  I realised that tension was a way of avoiding feelings, and that when I could allow feeling to move through me, like a wave, like the river, no matter how intense, that I could drop the tension and live more happily and at ease with myself and others.

I’ve learnt that my body is my home.  This is where deep security and confidence reside.    I have learnt that how we are in our bodies shapes our ability to develop to our fullest potential.  Working through the body enables working with root causes rather than symptoms.  It’s a pleasure and privilege to accompany some one to become more fully who they are, to reach for their potential, doing their thing, their way, with energy and flow.

I came to this work after a career in organisational and individual development in both public and corporate sectors.  Now, I partner with people who want to change something in their life, whether it is a physical symptom, a way of behaving or a persistent mood that troubles them. I teach them how to live in a more embodied way and stop the automatic habits over which it seems initially that they have no control,  that prevent them from leading the lives they want, and to experience more energy, spontaneity and choice.